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Syphon Filter – Logan’s Shadow PS2 ISO

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File Info

System : Playstation 2
Best Emulator : PCSX2
File Size : 2.8 GB

Game Info

Released : 2010
Genre : Action
Language : English

Cover Art


In “Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow,” players once again assume the role of Gabe Logan, the main protagonist of the series, and his partner Lian Xing. The game opens with Gabe and Lian on a mission to escort a top-secret international cargo known as “The Box” to a safe location. However, their mission quickly goes awry as they find themselves caught in a web of conspiracy and betrayal. As they investigate the events surrounding “The Box,” Gabe and Lian uncover a plot involving a powerful South American drug lord named Ernesto Escobar. They also discover that The Agency, a shadowy organization they’ve encountered before, is involved in this new threat. The story takes players on a globe-trotting adventure, from the jungles of South America to the dangerous waters of the Indian Ocean, as Gabe and Lian work to unravel the conspiracy and prevent a catastrophic event. The game features the signature elements of the Syphon Filter series, including stealth, action, and espionage, and offers a narrative-driven experience filled with plot twists and intense moments.

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow was originally developed for the PSP and received critical acclaim for its engaging storyline, graphics, and gameplay. Due to its success on the handheld platform, it was later adapted and released for the PlayStation 2 to reach a broader audience.

The Syphon Filter series has a history dating back to the original game released in 1999. It has since gained a reputation for its combination of action, stealth, and espionage elements, as well as its cinematic storytelling. “Logan’s Shadow” continued the series’ tradition of delivering a compelling narrative and challenging gameplay.

How to Extract ?

  • Download and Install Winrar
  • Open Application and Select “Extract Here” or “Extract Files”
  • for android users, we recommended RARLAB to do this operation, but you can use other apps like Zarchiver if you want to. you can find this apps in play store

How to ?

  • Download Emulator
  • Extract RAR
  • Load ISO With Emulator
  • Read Tutorial Here
File Download

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