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Need For Speed II SE PC Game

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Released : 1997
Genre : Racing
System : PC / Windows
File Size : 518 MB – 110 MB (Ripped Version)


  • Windows 98
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

How to Extract RAR ?

  • Download and Install Winrar
  • Open Application and Select “Extract Here” or “Extract Files”
  • If multiple parts e.g. part1-part2. You must download ALL the parts and save them in the same folder, after that simply select ANY part and choice “Extract” (same as step 2). then the extracted files will be merged automatically.

How to Install ?

  • Download Rar Files
  • Extract Files with WINRAR, just right click on any part and select “Extract”
  • Mount ISO file with daemon tools
  • Download and Install nGlidesetup_105.exe
  • Install patch nfs2se_patch.zip and Unzip the file then Run PatchInstall.bat (Run as administrator)
  • Go to Game installation directory and find nsf2sea.exe. Right click on it and select properties, and select compatibilty tab and select Windows 7

File Download (Direct Link)

Ripped Version (Direct Link)

Mirror Download (Sharer)

Ripped Version (Sharer)

Hint : Click Continue to download
– Use Mirror Link (Sharer – GLogin Required – Fast, Safe and Secured) 
   If Direct Link is not working
– Still have problem downloading ? Jump here
– If the Link is broken, Report it Here
– Last Updated : August, 2020

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