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Pitfall 3D PS1 ISO

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File Info

System : Playstation
Best Emulator : Epsxe
File Size : 296 MB

Game Info

Released : 1998
Genre : Action


PITFALL 3D BEYOND THE JUNGLE PSX ISO – Harry explored the most treaacherous jungles in the world. But he never imagined what awaited him in the jungle. While exploring the caverns of south america, harry fell into dimensional rift that transported him to a world of unearthly dangers. This mysterious land, once inhabited by the ancient Moku civilization, had been decimated by the evil temptress. Now her next target is Earth. And it’s up to harry job to defeat her army of sinister creatures to save it.
Cover Art

How to Extract RAR ?

  • Download and Install Winrar
  • Open Application and Select “Extract Here” or “Extract Files”
  • for android users, we recommended RARLAB to do this operation, but you can use other apps like Zarchiver if you want to. you can find this apps in play store

How to Play ?

  • Download Emulator
  • Extract RAR
  • Load ISO /BIN/IMG with EPSXE
  • Complete Guide How to Use Epsxe with Screenshot and Videos Please Read our Tutorial !
File Download

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– Last Updated : February, 2023

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