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Thor God of Thunder NDS Rom

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File Info

System : NDS
Best Emulator : Desmume
File Size : 10 MB

Game Info

Released : 2011
Genre : Arcade


THOR GOD OF THUNDER NDS Rom – is based on the 2011 film featuring Marvel’s God of Thunder. The game is a side-scrolling brawler consisting of seven chapters of three acts each. Thor must defeat hordes of trolls, giants or demons, and a giant boss at the end of each chapter. He can use a basic attack that can be used to deliver combos and also more powerful moves like a ground slam or a dash attack. He can also throw his hammer Mjolnir at enemies as well as pick up obstacles or enemies to use them as melee or throwing weapons. Defeated enemies leave red or blue orbs behind. Red orbs restore Thor’s health while blue orbs fill a power bar. When at least half full, the power bar allows Thor to unleash one of his godly powers (lightning, thunder or wind) as an extra powerful attack that reaches every enemy on the screen. To further enhance Thor’s powers, the game features rune powerups. Hidden in the game’s levels, more than a dozen different runes can be collected. Thor’s helmet, armor and weapon each fit one rune at a time. Effects include increased range or damage, additional attack powers and more.

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