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Tamagotchi Connection Corner Shop 2 NDS Rom

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File Info

System : NDS
Best Emulator : Desmume
File Size : 19 MB

Game Info

Released : 2006
Genre : Simulation


Tamagothi Connection Corner Shop 2 NDS Rom – Each game uses the touch screen and the microphone, no buttons required. You must try to make all your shops royal. This means that you have to help a certain amount of people in each shop until Princess Tamako pays a visit. Each customer has a membership card, and gives a review on each visit, which is stamped on the card. Princess Tamako will make your shops bigger and more royal each time she visits. The four shops that are available at the start are Cake Shop, Burger Shop, Flower Shop and Gas Station. As you boost those shops ,six more will become available, Flight, Concert Hall, Clinic, Boutique, Bowling, and Sushi Bar

How to Play ?

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