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Frequently Asked Questions :

  • How do I Play the Roms ?
You Must Have an Emulator to play the roms / isos on your PC. Download and Install them before downloading any games at this site. Emulator Page can be found here

  • What is the Password ?
   There is only one Password  downarea51

  • I downloaded the files and I typed the password correctly. but the error Message appear”Corrupted file or wrong password” . How to fix this ?
Password is Case Sensitive, so Double Check your password again. Check if your Caps Lock on or off. If you sure the password is  correct. probably your downloaded files is corrupted due to many factors, like Slow Internet Connections, interrupted download,  e.t.c.
But :
  • If The error Messages appear after you have succesfully extracted the files to 99 %.. small settings in Winrar Will Fix this,  here it is : Right click on RAR Game File, Select Extract Files and Enable Keep Broken Files on Miscellaneous Options then Click OK.
  • If the Error Message Appear before 99 %. You Have to Re Download the file again
We recommend you to use Download Manager Software for faster download speed and more stable connections and if possible, don’t try Unrar the file through small devices like android / smartphone or something like that. please only use Winrar software on PC.
We have extracted all the files here on PC and we have no problem at all when extracting  before uploading  to verifiy the file is healthy.

  • How to Extract RAR Part Files ?
Download All the Parts (Part1, Part2, Part3,…..) . and make sure those parts in the same folder.
Right Click any part and select Extract Here. See this video for details

  • The Download Link is Dead / Broken. Can you fix it ? 

Yes, but Try ‘Mirror Download Link’ first before reporting any dead link.
You can request new link Here