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Be sure You Have  Emulators Before  Downloading Any games at This Site !

Welcome to Emulator Page.
For Android users, Click here
Here you can find a list of emulator for Windows (PC) required to play games in this site.
so make sure you download it first before downloading any game !

  1. EPSXE : The Most Popular and probably the Best Emulator to Play PS1 Games on your PC, it has a high level of compatibility to play PSX Game. Most of The PSX games can be played with this emulator. Main emulator used by us
  2. PSXEVEN : Alternative emulator to play PS1 games on the PC, we use this emulator if the game that  have been played with epsxe has an error or not running perfectly after we have failed to configure espxe with different settings
  3. PPSSPP : The Best PSP Emulator that able to run Most of The PSP Games with Simple interface and  options. In addition to PC Version, PPSSPP also available for android that can be downloaded  via Playstore. Use The Latest Version of PPSSPP for Great Compatibilty and some improvements. 
  4. PCSX2 : The Best PS2 Emulator for Windows. You can run many Incredible Games with this emulator.you should have PC with good enough specification to run this emulator. But All modern PC this day will have no problem at all.
  5. MAME :Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator – An Emulator to emulate Arcade hardware on your PC. With the help of Mame. We can play the most legendary Arcade Games in history from year 80 to date. Supports to play thousands of Arcade Old Games. to be more friendly when using Mame, we recommend to use The GUI Version – Mame 32.Currently, we only use Mame 32 0.119 version as our Main Emulator. so do the Roms.( We will update Mame Roms to the latest version soon)
  6. WINKAWAKS : An Emulator focused on emulating arcade games with Neo geo, CPS1 and CPS2 System. compared with MAME, better use winkawaks when playing Neogeo and CPS Games
  7. DESMUME : NDS Emulator for Windows
  8. FUSION : a Multi Emulator to play SEGA Game on your PC. Supports to play Sega Mega drive (Genesis), Sega CD, Sega Master System, and Sega Game Gear
  9. FCEUX : NES and Famicom Emulator for Windows
  10. ZSNES : SNES Emulator for PC
  11. PROJECT 64 : N64 Emulator For windows
  12. ZINC : Zinc only emulates Arcade Games with ZN1, ZN2, and System 11 Hardware based on PSX hardware
  13. VISUAL BOY ADVANCE : Most Compatible GBA Emulator for Windows
  14. D Fend Reloaded : The Most Popular “DOSBOX Frontend” for windows. it has simple interface and easy to use to help you playing Classic DOS Games on your Modern PC such as Windows XP,Vista, 7 or Windows 8
  15. NullDC : The Best Dreamcast Emulator for windows.

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