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CPS Roms (CPS1 and CPS2)

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Welcome to CPS Roms Download Area, here you can download cool classic games from Arcade Capcom System (CPS1 and CPS2). you can download them one by one by browsing Alphabetically below :

Emulators to Play these games on your PC :
Emulator 1 (Winkawaks) Recommended
Emulator 2 (Mame)

1944 The Loop Master (CPS1)

19XX : The War Against Destiny (CPS2) 

Aliens Vs Predators (CPS2)

Armored Warrior (CPS2)

Cadillacs And Dinosaurs (CPS1)

Captain Commando (CPS1)

Carrier Air Wing (CPS1)

Cyberbots Full Metal Madness (CPS2)

Dark Stalkers (CPS2) 

Dimahoo (CPS2)

Dungeons And Dragons Shadow over Mystara (CPS2)

Dungeons And Dragons Tower of Doom (CPS2)

Dynasty Wars (CPS1)

Final Fight (CPS1) 

Forgotten World (CPS1)

Giga Wing (Cps2)

Hyper Street Fighter II (CPS2)

Knights of The Round (CPS1)

King of Dragons (CPS1)

Magic Sword Heroic Fantasy (CPS1)

Marvel Super Heroes (CPS2)

Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter  (CPS2)

Marvel Vs Capcom (CPS2)

Megaman (CPS1)

Megaman 2 (CPS2) 

Mercs (CPS1)

Mighty Pang (CPS2)  

Nemo (CPS1)

Night Warrior Dark Stalker’s Revenge (CPS2)

Pang 3 (CPS1)

Pocket Fighter (CPS2) 

Progear (CPS2)

Punisher (CPS1)

Ring of Destruction Slammaster II

Street Fighter Alpha II (CPS2)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (CPS2) 

Street Fighter Zero CPS Changer (CPS1)

Strider (CPS1)

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 (CPS2)

Three Wonders (CPS1)

Ultimate Ecology (CPS2) 

UN Squadron (CPS1)

Vampire Savior Lord of Vampire (CPS2) 

Varth Operation Thunderstorm (CPS1)

Warriors of Fate (CPS1)

Willow (CPS1)

X Men Children Of Atom (CPS2)

X Men Vs Street Fighter (CPS2)


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