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How to Play Neogeo Arcade Games on Android

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Steps to Play Neogeo Games on Android using Neo Emu Free :

Step 1 : (See Neo Geo Section to download these files)
  • Download And Install Neo Emu Free
  • Download Neogeo Roms
  • Download the BIOS

Step 2 :
  • Download and Install “RAR” from Play Store or similiar application like Winzip, Zarchiver etc for extracting the roms ( neogeo roms available here is in RAR format )
Step 3 :
  • Create ROMS Folder on your Phone Storage (Internal or external) and named it whatever you want. We Create Neoroms Folder for example

Step 4 :
  • Move The BIOS (neogeo.zip) to Roms Folder
Step 5 :
  •    Extract the Game you’ve downloaded  to Roms Folder

  Now you’re all set. It’s time to Launch The Game

Step 6 :
  • Launch Neo Emu Free and selet Load Game
  • Browse the Roms Folder that you’ve created before and select the rom
  • Now You’ve succesfully Run The Neogeo Game on Android !

Step 7 : Optional
  • If you want to change Console Mode (Limited Credits) to Arcade Mode (Unlimited Credits). Choose Options when the game is run and Select Unibios Switches -> Change to Arcade (MVS) and Reset The Game 
Step 8 
  • Press SELECT to Insert Coin and START to begin the game. Enjoy !

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