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Visualboy Advance Tutorial How to Setup

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How to Setup Visual Boy Advance Tutorial – GBA Emulator for PC.

Step By Step :
Notes : Click The Pitcure to enlarge
STEP 1 :
 – Download Visual Boy Advance
 – Get GBA Rom File 

STEP 2 :
Extract Visualboyadvance.zip (Right Click on it and select Extract Here or Extract to)
and open Visualboyadvance.exe

STEP 3 : 
Configure Video and Joypad Option 
Video Option :
Select x3 for bigger screen resolution or select Fullscreen.
Joypad Option : 
Select Options–Joypad–Configure–1 to configure controller.
you can assign key to keyboard or gamepad.edit whatever you like.we use gamepad as an example.
to assign new key. simply press the button on your keyboard or gamepad. and Press OK.

Default Key before edited

 New Key after Edited 

STEP 4 :
Load Rom
to load rom, select file—>Open–>and browse the rom you want to play (VBA can load  ZIP file).


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