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Sega Genesis Roms C

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Emulator : Fusion 

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36 MB
Total : 64 Games
Caesars Palace
Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball
Caliber Fifty
California Games
Cannon Fodder
Captain America and the Avengers
Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Castlevania – Bloodlines
Castlevania – The New Generation
Centurion – Defender of Rome
Chakan – The Forever Man
Chameleon Kid
Champions World Class Soccer
Championship Bowling
Championship Pool
Chaoji Dafuweng
Chase HQ II
Chavez II
Cheese Cat-Astrophe Starring Speedy Gonzales
Chester Cheetah 2 – Wild Wild Quest
Chester Cheetah
Chi Chi’s Pro Challenge
Chiki Chiki Boys
Chinese Chess
Chou Yakyuu Miracle Nine
Chuck II – Son of Chuck
Chuck Rock
Chuck’s Excellent Art Tool Animator
Classic Collection
Clay Fighter
Coach K College Basketball
College Football USA 96
College Football USA 97 – The Road to New Orleans
College Football’s National Championship
College Slam
Columns III – Revenge of Columns
Combat Aces
Combat Cars
Comix Zone
Congo – The Game
Conquering the World III
Contra – Hard Corps
Cool Spot
Cosmic Carnage
Cosmic Spacehead
Crack Down
Crayon Shin-Chan
Crue Ball
Crusader of Centy
Crystal’s Pony Tale
Cutthroat Island
Cuty Suzuki no Ringside Angel
Cyborg Justice

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